Meet The Owner

Roseline Belizaire is a driven entrepreneur and the founder of RoseMedicalBoutique, an innovative online store based in South Florida. With a strong passion for healthcare and business, Roseline has successfully combined her expertise in both fields to create a platform that caters to the needs of healthcare workers and first responders.

Residing in South Florida with her 8-year-old son, Roseline holds an Associate degree in Nursing, allowing her to understand the unique challenges faced by healthcare professionals. Additionally, her business acumen shines through her educational background, as she is currently completing her Bachelors in Business and Supervision & Management, further enhancing her skills in leadership and organizational development.

Beyond her academic achievements, Roseline is a licensed realtor in South Florida, offering her clients exceptional service and expertise in the real estate industry. She is also a Notary, providing a valuable service to the local community.

Dedicated to the safety and well-being of others, Roseline is on her way to becoming a Certified CPR instructor. This certification will enable her to train individuals in life-saving techniques, empowering them to respond effectively during emergencies.

Roseline's commitment to supporting healthcare workers and first responders led her to create RoseMedicalBoutique. The online store serves as a centralized hub where these dedicated professionals can find a wide range of resources and conveniently shop for their needs. Additionally, the website offers a wealth of additional information and tools that benefit anyone seeking valuable insights into the healthcare field.

With her diverse skill set, unwavering determination, and genuine desire to make a positive impact, Roseline Belizaire continues to drive innovation and provide indispensable support to those in the healthcare industry."